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Terms and Conditions for Sales and Delivery


Payment is ordinarily only possible by credit card. If you would like an invoice via an EAN number, we ask that you contact us by e-mail at All prices are incl. VAT and other taxes, unless otherwise noted. Our prices are updated daily.
You must be 18 to shop at, and all communication is conducted in either English or Danish, depending on whether you use our English or Danish site on the webshop.

It is not possible to see previous orders by logging on to the website. If you would like a copy of your order-confirmation please e-mail us at:

It is not possible to conduct partial deliveries or back orders with


The following methods of payment are possible at
•         Credit card/Visa credit (DKK 0.00)
•         Visa (DKK 0.70 DKK + 1.25%)
•         Visa Electronic (DKK 0.70  + 1.25%)
•         Mastercard (DKK 0.70 + 1.25%)
•         JBC (DKK 0.70 + 1.25%)
A fee may be charged on payments using some types of cards. These fees are listed in brackets following the card type.

No charges will be made to your card until the item(s) are sent from It is never possible for us to charge more than the amount approved by you.

The webshop only accepts payments by card. We ask that you contact us at if you need to pay by invoice.

Orders poste restante at is not possible.

Delivery and Postage

We charge postage fees on all deliveries. The amount depends on the weight of the item(s). Here is a list of postage fees (DKK):

Weight in grams
Europe, The Faroe Islands and Greenland
Other countries abroad
0 - 100 g
25,00 kr.
37,50 kr.
37,50 kr.
101 g - 250 g
50,00 kr.
75,00 kr.
75,00 kr.
251 g - 2 kg
62,50 kr.
112,50 kr.
112,50 kr.
2 kg - 5 kg
75,00 kr.
343,75 kr.
646,25 kr.
5 kg - 10 kg
100,00 kr.
556,25 kr.
1050,00 kr.
10 kg - 15 kg
125,00 kr.
662,50 kr.
1555,00 kr.
15 kg - 20 kg
125,00 kr.
856,25 kr.
2060,00 kr.

Delivery is by Postnord. The product will be sent the very same day if in stock, while other orders such as Print on Demand may have a production period of around three weekdays. According to Postnord, delivery time for items weighing below 2 kg is max five weekdays, while the expected delivery time on items exceeding 2 kg is one weekday.  

Deliveries to countries outside the EU are not subject to Danish taxes. However, payments may be required in accordance to the laws of the receiving country. The price indicated in the webshop includes the price of the item and the costs of delivery and postage. Any further taxes that may occur when importing items to non-EU countries are the buyer’s own responsibility.

Order Cancelations

You always have 14 days right of return on all items purchased from, effective from the day you receive your order. The right of return can only be applied if the items are returned in the same condition, as they were shipped/received. The right of return no longer applies if items are damaged or in any other way is returned in a manner that detracts substantially from their sales value. Print on demand items cannot be returned as they are specially made on request. Postage fees on return items must be payed by the purchaser, or you may hand back the item to us in our physical shop. Remember to always return your purchase in reliable/sound packaging.

Purchases may be returned to:

Campus Print 
Karen Blixens Plads 8 
2300 København S
Lokale 11a-0-02

If you regret your purchase a refund will be made to the same card of applied at purchase, once we have received the returned item and are satisfied that it meets our standards and requirements for order cancelations.

Please note that we do not accept packages sent COD.

There is a 24-month warranty on all items purchased from Depending on particular circumstances this may take the form of repairs, exchanges, refunds, or rebates. This of course depends on the warranty being applicable, and that the reason for claiming the warranty is not due to any mishandling of the product that may have caused damage. 

Attention to any issues with a product should be raised within reasonable time of it being noticed. The warranty is always applicable if attention is brought to the issue within two months of receiving the product.

Reasonable delivery costs will be refunded if the complaint is justified.
Complaints are submitted to:

Campus Print 
Karen Blixens Plads 8
2300 København S
Lokale 11a-0-02

Please note; we do not accept packages sent by COD or by similar means.

Remember that all items must be returned in suitable packaging. A postage receipt must be enclosed in cases of reasonable postage fees so we can refund the postage costs. You will receive an e-mail outlining the following process once we have received the item(s).

Information regarding further complaints

The easiest solution for all parties involved is to complain directly to us. We are always ready to assist when possible. A complaint/disagreement about a product or service can also be submitted to: Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. Du kan klage til Center for Klageløsning via

Complaints can also be made to the European Commission's online complaint portal. This is particularly relevant if you are residing in another EU country. Complaints are filed here: When filing a complaint you need to add our e-mail address:

Data Protection

Collecting of Personal Information collects personal details, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. in connection with your purchase. You will only be asked for the information needed to process your order. When you pay for a product your name, card details, and IP-address are collected. The information collected in connection with your purchase is only applied and stored while the transaction is processed, in accordance with all relevant regulations.

No sensitive/personal details are stored at All personal details are communicated in encrypted form and personal data is stored in non-encrypted form for up to five years.

Further information about encryption is available from our weshop supplier:

Log statistics

Log statistics are used by, and mean that a statistics-system gathers information providing a statistical picture of the number of visitors to our site, where they come from, what parts of the site they visit, etc.

The Data Protection Act gathering and handling of your personal information happens in accordance with the Data Protection Act and all other Danish legislation. Under the Data Protection Act responsibility for your data falls under and the members of staff responsible for sales, and can be contacted under the contact information given at   

Disclosure will not disclose your personal data to any third party without your express permission. Your details will be shared with Postnord if you have ordered delivery, in order that they may securely deliver your order.  DanDomain A/S handles our webshop and payment system. All information disclosed to us on our website is stored at DanDomain’s datacentre. We have entered into data-treatment-agreements with our data processors to ensure our guarantee that they comply with al rules and regulations safeguarding your personal information.  

Your Rights

Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request that your personal information be deleted, or that you wish to make changes to the information we have. Furthermore, you have the right to protest how we handle your data. If you no longer wish us to handle your personal data, or to restrict the way we handle it, you may write to, The Faculty of Humanities webshop, University of Copenhagen. You have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authorities.


Cookies are small files stored on your computer. They store information from the computer visiting the website until visiting the same site again, so that the user is recognized on return.

Information attributable to individuals is not stored in cookies, but rather information about what the user does on the website, e.g. user name or login. Cookies are stored in the cache on the user’s hard disk.

A cookie is therefore a text file sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your hard disk. You can set your browser to inform you whenever cookies are used, or you can turn cookies off completely. Cookies are used exclusively to identify your computer.

Technically, cookies come in two types. The type of cookies used at is known as “session cookies” – they remember what you have in your shopping basket while you navigate the rest of the webshop. ”Session cookies” are not saved on your computer and disappear when you close your browser. only uses session cookies.

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